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Daily Max/Min temperatures, 24 hourly rainfall + daily sunshine totals and grass min temperatures for some locations. Max amd min temperature values are taken from the appropriate group in the global exchange SYNOP messages

"This site is presented as is and no guarantee is made as to the timeliness or accuracy of the data. The user assumes the entire risk related to any use of this data. Also on no account should the information available here be used for flight planning or any other operational purposes. Every effort has been made to ensure that only data freely available under the terms of WMO Resolution 40 (Cg XII) are presented." This is purely for the enthusiasts that frequent '
**If I am causing any concerns to any Countries 'National Weather Service' (NWS), please e-mail me and I will remove them from the list.

My sincere thanks to Stewart for creating the tools, Steven with excel and John for all his help with the computer/internet side of things. And not forgetting many subscribers to '' who have helped in many ways, especially Matt for his lessons on synops ~ thankyou.

Key to Worldwide Reports

* Max - maximum temperature.
* Min - minimum temperature.
* Tg - ground/grass minimum temperature.
* Sn - Snow depth in cm.
* H% - Humidity %.
* Wind speed & gust generally past 10 minutes.
* sp - speed
* Gu - gust
* Conversion to knots applied for locations reporting m/s.
Data from snow onwards generally taken from evening synop locally. (18:00)
Barometric Trend
* F - Falling
* R - Rising
* S - Steady
* R~F - Rising then falling
* F~R - Falling then rising
* s - Slowly
* F- Fast
Only MSLP displayed.

UK & European text files.

1st July
2nd July
3rd July
4th July
5th July
6th July
7th July
8th July
9th July
10th July
11th July
12th July

This following data is derived from the spreadsheets I use to create my daily summaries for my Web Site.
The accuracy of which can not be guarenteed. Please only use as a guide, as this is by no means 'official' data. I will work a 12 month rolling data.

(The accuracy and the timing of this information can not be guaranteed - All decoded data is manually uploaded most evenings, so personal circumstances may cause delays or omissions).

Monthly Averages for various locations

June 2024June 2024June 2024June 2024June 2024
May 2024May 2024May 2024May 2024May 2024
Apr 2024Apr 2024Apr 2024Apr 2024Apr 2024
Mar 2024Mar 2024Mar 2024Mar 2024Mar 2024
Feb 2024Feb 2024Feb 2024Feb 2024Feb 2024
Jan 2024Jan 2024Jan 2024Jan 2024Jan 2024
Dec 2023Dec 2023Dec 2023Dec 2023Dec 2023
Nov 2023Nov 2023Nov 2023Nov 2023Nov 2023
Oct 2023Oct 2023Oct 2023Oct 2023Oct 2023
Sept 2023Sept 2023Sept 2023Sept 2023Sept 2023
Aug 2023Aug 2023Aug 2023Aug 2023Aug 2023
July 2023July 2023July 2023July 2023July 2023
June 2023June 2023June 2023June 2023June 2023


Jan 2007Feb 2007Mar 2007Apr 2007May 2007June 2007July 2007Aug 2007Sept 2007Oct 2007Nov 2007Dec 2007
Jan 2008Feb 2008Mar 2008Apr 2008May 2008June 2008July 2008Aug 2008Sept 2008Oct 2008Nov 2008Dec 2008
Jan 2009Feb 2009Mar 2009Apr 2009May 2009June 2009July 2009Aug 2009Sept 2009Oct 2009Nov 2009Dec 2009
Jan 2010Feb 2010Mar 2010Apr 2010May 2010June 2010July 2010Aug 2010Sept 2010Oct 2010Nov 2010Dec 2010
Jan 2011Feb 2011Mar 2011Apr 2011May 2011June 2011July 2011Aug 2011Sept 2011Oct 2011Nov 2011Dec 2011
Jan 2012Feb 2012Mar 2012Apr 2012May 2012June 2012July 2012Aug 2012Sept 2012Oct 2012Nov 2012Dec 2012
Jan 2013Feb 2013Mar 2013Apr 2013May 2013June 2013July 2013Aug 2013Sept 2013Oct 2013Nov 2013Dec 2013
Jan 2014Feb 2014Mar 2014Apr 2014May 2014June 2014July 2014Aug 2014Sept 2014Oct 2014Nov 2014Dec 2014
Jan 2015Feb 2015Mar 2015Apr 2015May 2015June 2015July 2015Aug 2015Sept 2015Oct 2015Nov 2015Dec 2015
Jan 2016Feb 2016Mar 2016Apr 2016May 2016June 2016July 2016Aug 2016Sept 2016Oct 2016Nov 2016Dec 2016
Jan 2017Feb 2017Mar 2017Apr 2017May 2017June 2017July 2017Aug 2017Sept 2017Oct 2017Nov 2017Dec 2017
Jan 2018Feb 2018Mar 2018Apr 2018May 2018June 2018July 2018Aug 2018Sept 2018Oct 2018Nov 2018Dec 2018
Jan 2019Feb 2019Mar 2019Apr 2019May 2019June 2019July 2019Aug 2019Sept 2019Oct 2019Nov 2019Dec 2019
Jan 2020Feb 2020Mar 2020Apr 2020May 2020June 2020July 2020Aug 2020Sept 2020Oct 2020Nov 2020Dec 2020
Jan 2021Feb 2021Mar 2021Apr 2021May 2021June 2021July 2021Aug 2021Sept 2021Oct 2021Nov 2021Dec 2021
Jan 2022Feb 2022Mar 2022Apr 2022May 2022June 2022July 2022Aug 2022Sept 2022Oct 2022Nov 2022Dec 2022
Jan 2023Feb 2023Mar 2023Apr 2023May 2023June 2023July 2023Aug 2023Sept 2023Oct 2023Nov 2023Dec 2023
Jan 2024Feb 2024Mar 2024Apr 2024May 2024June 2024

Key to Monthly Averages

* miss{*} ~ Signifies one or more days data missing.
* Diff from Av. ~ deviation from 1961-90 average, if available.

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